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Charles’ career has embraced a variety of businesses, most recently garden design, but always there has been a deep seated passion for anything of an artistic nature. On being asked how he manages to be a successful artist he replies ‘I just go to as many exhibitions and art galleries as I can. In that way you learn consciously and subconsciously what to do - and perhaps more importantly you learn what not to do.’ This is also important, he feels, so that he does not become the devotee of one particular style, or artist: he likes to draw on the knowledge he has gained over the years from  a range of artists from Giotto to Rothko.

As is so often the case, it is others who can detect the influences on his art. Until then he finds it has often been a subconscious process, but on reflection he can appreciate that he has learned much from the Scottish Colourists and the Glasgow Boys, the Camden Town Group and of course the Impressionists. This is not inclusive and there are of course various heros: Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Sargent, William Nicholson and Ivon Hitchens to name but a few - all artists who can rejoice in the actual medium of oil paint but at the same time with both fluency and accuracy.

"Painting brings us into the business of observation, and thereby the appreciation of life"








54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market

Trebah Garden

Great Atlantic Gallery, Falmouth

Sloane Club

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